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This listing is for either a pair of Fibreglass Cross Struts or a pair of lightweight replacement Carbon Cross Struts. Both sets are suitable for our full range of Peter Powell Kites.


We recommend that all beginners start with fibreglass due to the increased speed from using Carbon Fibre Struts. The kite will pull harder and should only be used with upgraded lines which will allow you to enjoy better performance and a faster, more responsive kite.


Our Cross Struts are part of the next generation of the Peter Powell Kites, the MKIII.

The same original design and iconic style, made with top quality modern materials. Every kite is hand made by the Powell family in the UK and each comes with its own unique authentication number.

Every Peter Powell kite offers an excellent flying experience, suitable for beginners and experienced flyers alike, with easy handling and great performance, providing hours of fun.


The two-line steerable kite, of which the Peter Powell was the world’s first, gives the flyer excellent control and the ability to perform amazing aerial stunts and tricks.
The 76ft inflatable Skystreamer Tail adds the finishing touch to this all-time classic.

Our kites give spectacular value for money and we also have a range of reasonably priced spares and accessories available.
Included with your purchase: 1 x Pair Of Cross Struts.
For custom orders or personalisation, please contact us.

Peter Powell Stunter Kite Cross Struts

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