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Our Latest Version

The MKIII retains all the classic features of the World Famous Peter Powell Stunter but with a modern twist.

It benefits from stronger line, reinforced sail and a simpler way of attaching the Sky Streamer.


The MKIII even includes flying handles crafted from the hands of Peter Powell the legend himself!

Based in Gloucestershire our kites are still manufactured and assembled in the UK and are as original as the person that flies them because the majority are made to order.

Whilst we have our best sellers the MKIII is fully customisable from colours to printing your very own design, you are only limited by own imagination. When purchasing a Peter Powell Kite you're not only buying a kite you're buying a piece of history!

Peter Powell Kites Family
My Dad had a Peter Powell Kite, in the 80s. It’s how I learned about kites. We used to fly it all the time at Marquis Drive in Cannock Chase in Staffordshire.

The next generation of the Peter Powell Kites, the MKIII is here. The same original design and iconic style, made with top quality modern materials. Every kite is hand made by the Powell family in the UK and each comes with its own unique authentication number.

Every Peter Powell kite offers an excellent flying experience, suitable for beginners and experienced flyers alike, with easy handling and great performance providing hours of fun. The two-line steerable kite, of which the Peter Powell was the world’s first, gives the flyer excellent control and the ability to perform amazing aerial stunts and tricks.

The 76ft inflatable Skystreamer tail adds the finishing touch to this all-time classic.

Together, with our late father, we worked tirelessly testing the MKIII, ensuring it was of top
quality. We have spent hundreds of hours flying the kite around the Cotswold hills, in
Gloucestershire, UK, testing the kite to destruction and amending and tweaking its
components, to ensure it withstands mother nature’s extreme weather conditions.

Whether you're a beginner, novice, expert or brand new to flying the MKIII will give you hours of fun.  

"The World's Original Stunt Kite"

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