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Peter Powell Stunter Kite Setting Up




Are your kites suitable for beginners?
Our kites are great for beginners and quite often when we are out flying we invite those watching to give it a try and within minutes they are controlling the kite.

I have been flying kites for years and watched a few videos of you guys flying them, but never owned a Peter Powell Kite. Are the tricks hard to do?
When our father first invented the Peter Powell Stunter it took the World by storm as it’s fully steerable and moveable in the air. There are many tricks to be done, but the first one we try to teach when out flying is the landing and taking off, as you don't need a second person to help. However, it's like most things, practice makes perfect.

Peter Powell Kites Logo
My Dad had a Peter Powell Kite, in the 80s. It’s how I learned about kites. We used to fly it all the time at Marquis Drive in Cannock Chase in Staffordshire.

Other than online can I buy the kites anywhere else?

Currently we only sell online with the majority of of sales coming via our online-shop.


Do  you sell spares?

We offer a large range of spares from screws to sails. You can buy every part of the kite and you could even make it yourself - although we wouldn't advise that, but you could if you wanted too!

What is the MKIII?

Before we could re-launch Peter Powell Kites we had to prototype and re-engineer the kite from scratch and would refer to them as MKI, MKII, which led us to develop the MKIII - the kite we fly and sell today.

I remember flying Peter Powell kites as kid, they were huge! Why did you stop?

Millions of Peter Powell Kites were sold worldwide and as our father’s business grew more and more, competitors began emerging from the shadows. He wanted to leave on a high so decided to shut his factories and close up shop as he could no longer compete with products coming in from overseas.

So why did you decide to start back up?

When we first thought about re-launching Peter Powell Kites, we started to fly the MKI and MKII at various locations and people would stop and stare whilst taking videos and photos. We realised there are generations who had never seen anything like it. It's the positive reinforcement from the public that encouraged us to relaunch.

What do  the kites come with?

When purchasing a kite it will come with 1 x skystreamer, 1 x kite bag, 1 x pair of handles inc. flying line and instructions as standard.

So if I can land the kite by myself does that mean I can fly it by myself?

Yes you certainly can but you would need two ground stakes (ground stakes are similar to tent pegs) after you have attached the lines/streamer to the kite you would peg the kite down whilst ensuring the nose is into the floor and facing into the wind,  you would the unravel the lines and peg the handles. Before returning to the kite (its important that the kite is facing into the wind) remove the peg from the kite and make your way back to the handles remove the peg. Pull Right or Left depending on which way the kite is facing and up and away you go.

Appreciate you need wind to fly a kite but how much?

Ideally you will need about 10mph if you want to fly our kites with the Skystreamer attached. If the kite is struggling to get off the ground, take the tail off. If there's not enough wind it won't fly. Perfect speed I would say is 20mph. The more wind the better for us we love it. On top of a hill with no trees directly behind you is always a good shout just be mindful of the edges (cliffs/drops). Open parks can be good but if surrounded by trees or buildings the wind can be hit and miss. But our number #1 spot would be the beach. Our kites love the sea breeze.

What are the red/blue and black dots for on lead rein?

The red and blue dots are for tying the flying lines to red to red and blue to blue. The black dots change the pitch of the kite, so when the winds are strong by switching between the black dots you will have better control. 

Is it dangerous?

Check your surroundings and don't fly where you have lots of people sitting down around you. Get into a clear area where you can fly your kite free from obstructions. Remember to check left and right for any hazards. Keep away from overhead pylons/trees and if you hear thunder, it's time to pack up! We would also advise not to fly in the rain.

Will you be setting up in America?

We are looking at options, it's on the radar, just need to decide whether we use wholesalers, distributors, shops or malls.

If you have any other questions or suggestions then please use the contact form and we may include them in this section for the benefit of future users.

Stay Safe and Happy Flying

Peter Powell HQ

"The World's Original Stunt Kite"

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